Talentspace rebrands to Talentspace by Handshake

It’s been a year since we joined forces with Handshake, the leading career platform for students and recent graduates. As the next step of this acquisition, today, we are rebranding to "Talentspace by Handshake". As we transition to our new brand, yo...


The Top 10 Virtual Career Fair Platforms in Comparison

Are you overwhelmed with the search for the perfect virtual career fair platform? You are not alone. Virtual hiring events are a great way to connect with and hire from large groups of talent. But to cover your grounds as an organizer, it's wise to l...

Are you overwhelmed with the search for the perfect virtual career fair platform?

You are not alone.

Virtual hiring events are a great way to connect with and hire from large groups of talent. But to cover your grounds as an organizer, it's wise to look for a virtual career fair platform that can offer the best brand experience for your candidates. 

We often get this question from our clients: "There are hundreds of different event platforms on the internet, how do I choose one that’s right for us?"

Career events can be a big administrative burden, so it is even more important to find an event platform that offers all the features for your virtual events. The goal is for the event platform to minimise your organisational burden and its features to provide a great event experience for all participants.

So we have decided to make our research public for you.

Here is a list of the top 10 virtual career fair platforms that are often considered by our customers in their search for the right events solution.

We will share the feature highlights of each as well as rate their perceived user experience. To save you time, we will also explain how each platform works and what types of users they are most suitable for.

Recruitment & Career Event Platforms Campus Recruiting Platforms General Virtual Event Platforms
Talentspace Handshake Hopin
Brazen Graduateland EasyVirtualFair
Paradox   vFairs
Premier Virtual    


Recruitment & Career Event Platforms

Event platforms designed for recruiting and career events. Features are built to faciliate recruiting from small to large scale.

1. Talentspace

Talentspace is a powerful and immersive virtual career event platform regularly used by renowned universities such as HEC Paris, WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management or TUM - Technical University of Munich and large multinationals like Amazon, Porsche and Danone to attract and recruit talent.

Talentspace’s video-first interface design reflects a deep understanding of what really makes a career fair engaging — the people. With its focus on real-time video interactions and user-centric features that make communication and hiring more efficient, Talentspace helps employers significantly boost brand attraction and job applications.

Event organizers who have used Talentspace also praise the platform for its ease of use and comprehensiveness of features. 

“Talentspace is the most comprehensive platform for events, engagement and recruiting that we've used. Every aspect is simple to manage and the platform allows for configurations from 1:1s to full-blown Webinar-style events. And, it offers real-time interaction- no idle wasted time with students queuing up. It allows employers and students to engage both before and after an event as well as have meaningful engagement appointments during the event, too. It's the best platform we've used so far.

- Emily Nolan, Associated Director of Employer Relations at Brown University

How it works: Talentspace events are highly customizable, organizers can host anything from full blown multi-company virtual career fairs to single interactive workshops or webinars, and the platform design would adapt responsively.

Depending on the event, participants can schedule 1-1 chats, attend group presentations, break out into interactive sessions or drop in to company booths where they can speak or chat directly with company representatives. All interactions are video-based, and all video sessions include a sidebar where people can chat, view company or participant profiles and check out available job positions.

The robust talent database, which can be accessed before, during or after the event allows employers to comb through candidate profiles, comment, share and export them, and directly reach out to interesting candidates to follow up.

Highlights: Immersive video-first event experience, modular interaction formats, mass interview scheduling, candidate database with 50+ filters, own video solution (no third-party provider required)

User experience: 5/5

Best for: Targeted and interactive video-based recruiting

Talentspace product screens


2. Brazen

Brazen is a long time player in the market of virtual career fairs. Their chat-based recruiting event platform also offers add-on features like the Brazen bot for people to chat with recruiters on the website. These features however, do come with a price tag. On top of that, the variable pricing, which charges by no. of hiring managers, makes Brazen the pricier option among other platforms.  

How it works: In a typical chat-event on Brazen, job seekers can enter chatting booths where they are assigned to a recruiter to chat via text with, there is a time limit on the chat, and recruiters can also switch to video during the chat. Apart from the text chat booths, companies can also conduct webinars. 

Highlights: Also offers tools around the recruiting event like website chatbots.

User experience: 4/5

Suitable for: Virtual hiring events for volume hiring where interaction time is more limited.


3. Paradox

Paradox offers mobile-first virtual hiring events that connect job seekers and recruiters largely via asynchronous text messaging.

How it works: Guided by its A.I. Chatbot Olivia, candidates are guided to register for an event via their mobile phone and are assigned to a recruiter to connect via text. In the text, recruiters can also send video links to start a video chat.

Highlights: Mobile-first experience

User experience: 3/5

Best for: Fast hiring for shift-work and hourly jobs (Restaurants & Retail)


4. Premier virtual

US Veteran owned and based in Florida, Premier Virtual is an online job fair platform company that offers a relatively limited but straightforward job fair experience. They mostly work with workforce development boards in the US.

How it works: In an online job fair on Premier virtual, candidates navigate through available employer booths. Within a booth, they can see the logo, biography, job posts and link to the website of the employer. On the side of the booth they can chat with the company representative via text messaging, and may be invited to a video chat.

Highlights: Ease of use due to simplicity of features

User experience: 2/5

Best for: Companies hiring for jobs with shorter hiring processes and less assessment is needed.


5. CareerEco

CareerEco is another virtual events platform that’s been around long before the pandemic, which is also why its technology and interface design can seem a bit dated. They help job seekers connect online with employers through chat rooms.

How it works: CareerEco virtual events are essentially a listing of different company chatrooms. Candidates can drop in and chat with available company representatives within the chat room along with other chat participants, and may also break out into private chats from there.

Highlights: responsive customer support (support available via phone)

User experience: 1/5

Best for: University career fairs with multiple exhibiting companies


Campus Recruiting Platforms

Platforms with a focus on early career or university recruiting. They are typically career center management systems with add-on recruiting event features.

6. Handshake

Handshake is an industry-leading provider of career centre management systems with fully comprehensive features such as job postings, appointment setting, reporting, and marketing tools such as newsletters. In addition, the platform enables virtual recruiting events for university partners.

How it works: Students can navigate to the events listing within the Handshake platform, enter an event and either schedule 10 min 1-1 video chats with recruiters or attend company group video sessions. Companies are allowed up to 12 group sessions with 50 students per event.

Highlights: Career center management system integration

User experience: 5/5

Best for: University Career Centers looking for a comprehensive career centre management system


7. Graduateland 

Graduateland is a large European career portal for students and graduates.

How it works: Upon entering the event, students will see a page with different company stalls. Within a stall, they can access the company information and open job posts, as well as access to book a video conversation with a representative from the company. There may also be links to Group Zoom videos that students can join. (so video chats are not native in the platform)

Highlights: Career center management system integration

User experience: 4/5

Best for: University Career Centers (Nordic countries)


General event platforms

General purpose event platforms that are not specifically designed for recruiting. 

8. Hopin

Hopin is a live virtual events platform that connects people around the globe. It hosts virtual events such as large-scale tech events, conferences, and even weddings that bring users together.

How it works: There are 4 main sections in a Hopin event that participants can navigate through. The Stages section consists of one-way presentations given by different companies. The Sessions section allows attendees to join in more interactive video sessions, where they can also speak to the session moderator. The Networking section matches the attendee with a random person in the event for a video chat. The Expo area displays company booths that may show a slide-show, presentation or whatever the company wishes to display. 

Highlights: Feels like an in-person event with features like random matchmaking

User experience: 5/5

Best for: Large scale events facilitating serendipitous interactions


9. EasyVirtualFair

EasyVirtualFair is a virtual trade shows and events software that creates chat-based environments to connect people online.

How it works: After seeing an animation cover page, participants enter to explore the event via a standard navigation bar. Within an event there are company booths, where viewers can view company information or access the company website link. There is also a chat box for participants to message exhibitors via text chat. For group presentations, there is a section in the event for participants to access webinars. 

Highlights: 3D animation shown at the start of the event 

User experience: 3/5

Best for: Events with more text-based interactions (rather than video interaction)


10. vFairs

vFairs is an online events platform that features 3D virtual venues for trade shows, product launches and job fairs.

How it works: vFairs works relatively similar to EasyVirtualFair, except that there are more features available from the navigation bar such as virtual swag bags, scavenger hunts and photo booths. Video chat is available but integrated through Zoom, which means users need to also have Zoom installed. With all the bells and whistles it provides, the overall user experience may be a bit overwhelming for users on smaller screens or for those who are not so tech savvy.

Highlights: 3D animation shown at the start of the event 

User experience: 3/5

Best for: Events with game-like environments and less focus on efficient recruiting.


We hope to have shed some light on the virtual career fair platform landscape and helped you decide which tool best suits your organization type, goals and resources. 

Are there any specific types of information you would like to find out more across the different products? Or did we miss a specific brand you are interested in learning more on?

Let us know and we will share our research with you!

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